Founded in 2012 by several advertising and gaming executives, CrossInstall is a bootstrapped company created to support mobile user acquisition on both the iOS and Android platforms through programmatic bidding. CrossInstall has become the preferred playables and programmatic partner for major mobile gaming companies including Game Show Network, Machine Zone, SGN, PuzzleSocial, Pocket Gems, NaturalMotion and Big Fish Games among others.

The Team

Jeff Marshall

CEO / Co-founder

Bobby McFarland

President / Co-founder

Dr. Peter Kassakian

Chief Data Scientist / Co-founder

Anuj Kucheria

SVP Business Development

Hussein Zayan

Senior Director of Account Management

Georgia Herdener

Director of Business Development

Jesse Manuel

Director of Creatives / Co-founder

Greg Lin

Director of Engineering Operations / Co-founder

Angella Gioukaris

People Ops Manager

Arnaud Pilpré

Director of Engineering

Alex Luko

Creative Director

Victor Perez

Senior Account Executive

Andrew (Hochi) Manglapus

Senior Account Manager

Jason Lee

Senior Software Engineer

Kate Lovejoy

Senior Account Manager

Ryan Crowley

Senior Software Engineer

Bhavik Shah

Senior Software Engineer

Jeff Wilcox

Senior Software Engineer

Michael Murphy

Lead Analyst

Casey Parkhurst

Visual Development Artist

Adam Sheppard

Program Manager

Samee Siddiqui

Ad Operations

Alison Dixon

Lead Graphic Designer

Justin Love

Software Engineer

Leo Chang

Ad Operations Analyst

Jonathan Ng

Senior Software Engineer

Michael Thompson

Senior Software Engineer

Traci Van Patten

Program Manager

Jake Muro

Account Manager